Readable Writable worDbook

a free professional language learning tool

Prototype Ver0.0.3 of RWD released!

From now on:

1.Proxy options can be set with autocomplete plugin.
2.Command line version is available on linux by autotools.
3.Linux RWD can work as well as Windows one.

Download Now! win32 exe (3.2 MB)

Download Now! source (9.4 MB)

Prototype Ver0.0.2 of RWD released!

Plugin features have been added from this version. There are two kinds of plugin available in the version. Speech plugin helps to learn pronunciation. Autocomplete plugin helps to add new word accurately and effectively through third party dictionary service on net.

Download Now! win32 exe(3.2 MB)


Commandline + GUI

Either command line or GUI is available. Almost all the tasks of RWD can be done by command line.

Powerfully editable

Users can edit their word bank by command or GUI. With autocomplete plugin, users can let computer do this for them.

Rich command feature

There are many useful features of RWD. Users can shuffle the word list, or sort the word list as familiarity.

Easy to extent

It is easy to extent RWD especially by adding plugins.

High performance, low requirement

RWD is small, light, green and fast. It can be used without installation.


RWD can work on both GNU/Linux and MS Windows so far. RWD aims to run on most popular platforms.